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From khandelwalanuj <>
Subject Re: Replicated LevelDB : Manually copying data from one leveldb store to another
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2014 09:29:51 GMT
I tested it again very carefully and found some interesting aspects :

> 3 brokers were running fine where one is master and other two are slaves. 
> I stopped one of the slaves and deleted all leveldb files.
> I copied all master broker leveldb files into the slaves leveldb
> directory. (removed nodeid.txt)
> Now when i start primary, I am seeing that 
  > One tmp folder is created which has some .log files. 
  > Now slave will download data log files from master and as soon as it
copies all the log files, it is deleting the stash folder and i guess
replaying in indexes from logs. 
 > After that everything works well./ 

Snapshot of stash  directory: 
14:59]khandela@agni05.hyd:/u/khandela/activemq/amq3>du -sh leveldb/*
101M	leveldb/0000000000000000.log
952K	leveldb/00000000064004c6.log
4.0K	leveldb/dirty.index
0	leveldb/lock
0	leveldb/nodeid.txt
*13M	leveldb/stash*
0	leveldb/store-version.txt

[14:59]khandela@agni05.hyd:/u/khandela/activemq/amq3>du -sh leveldb/stash/*
101M	leveldb/stash/0000000000000000.log
0	leveldb/stash/0000000000000000.log.crc32
5.1M	leveldb/stash/00000000064004c6.index
7.2M	leveldb/stash/00000000064004c6.log

Activemq vendors, please respond about above observations. 


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