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From uromahn <>
Subject Re: Receiving over IP and port using TCP
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2014 10:09:17 GMT
As was stated before, when two endpoints communicate via raw TCP sockets,
there has to be some binary wire-protocol in place so that both parties can
understand each other. In other words, both sides will have to use the same
"language" or they simply won't understand each other and everything is just
a stream of meaningless bits.

When you want to talk to ActiveMQ, your client will have to "speak" Openwire
which is the wire-protocol used by ActiveMQ.
You have three choices now:
1. your client can use the ActiveMQ client which implements Openwire with
JMS 1.1 on top of it, or
2. if your client cannot use the ActiveMQ client library, it can implement
Openwire itself (I would *strongly* advise *against* this!!), or
3. You could define some wire-protocol yourself, implement your own server
that handles the communication with your client and translates the incoming
"messages" into JMS messages using the ActiveMQ client library connecting to
your broker. This approach is commonly known as proxy pattern.

Whatever you do, your client will either have to "speak" Openwire or talk to
something that translates into Openwire.

Hope that helps.

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