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From Andreas Gies <>
Subject Re: Managing persistent store space
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2014 10:59:24 GMT

we had a similar issue in our ActiveMQ broker. The reason was that we 
had a topic that we use for guaranteed message delivery with message 
persistence and durable subscribers. Some durable subscribers might be 
offline and we spotted that even with a few MB worth of messages our 
persistent store was growing to an unexplainable size.

The reason underneath was that we were using one kahadb instance for ALL 
our messaging traffic. Since kahadb has a write only journal, the worst 
case would be that our messages waiting for delivery would be spread 
across journal files interleaved with all the other journal entries that 
refer to already processed messages.

Gary has written a very good blog entry that describes our problem 
nicely :

At the end we are now running with a kahadb split in 3 parts. 2 parts 
serving a destination with occasinally offline consumers each and a 
third part handling "the normal" JMS use case.

That solved our store problem pretty well.

For reference this is the interesting part of our config:








Best regards

On 26/09/14 17:57, petrk wrote:
> Hi
> I have a single instance of ActiveMQ v5.9 using persistent store and we are
> constantly running out of space.
> We use persistent messages with KahaDB and have 50gb store defined.
> The queues directory only actually contains 26GB, but ActiveMQ admin says
> "Store percent used 94", is that right?
> Browsing the number of pending messages in queues, there is no way there is
> 26GB or 50GB worth of data!
> I have noticed that we have lots of ActiveMQ.Advisory.Consumer.Queue.*
> topics, which we don't use, but we use the advisoryWhenFull="true" in
> conjuction with sendFailIfNoSpace="true" so that we get notified when
> messages can't be queued. We also expire messages after 30 days, in hope
> they will get deleted. If I disable advisory message am I going to lose
> these two functions?
> Any ideas?
> Here are the relevant bits from our activemq.xml:
> <bean id="store"
> class="" >
>       <property name="directory" value="/opt/xyz/queues" />
>       <property name="journalMaxFileLength" value="3145728" />
>       <property name="checkpointInterval" value="5000" />
>       <property name="cleanupInterval" value="5000" />
> </bean>
> <broker xmlns=""
> 	useJmx="true" brokerName="localhost" dataDirectory="/opt/xyz/queues"
>           persistenceAdapter="#store">
>          <destinationPolicy>
>              <policyMap>
>                <policyEntries>
>                  	<policyEntry topic=">">
> 					<deadLetterStrategy>
>                          <sharedDeadLetterStrategy processExpired="false"/>
>                  	</deadLetterStrategy>
> 			</policyEntry>
> 			<policyEntry queue=">" cursorMemoryHighWaterMark="90" maxPageSize="10000"
> queuePrefetch="10000" producerFlowControl="false" advisoryWhenFull="true">
>              	<pendingQueuePolicy>
>                  	<storeCursor/>
>              	</pendingQueuePolicy>
> 		</policyEntry>
>                </policyEntries>
>              </policyMap>
>          </destinationPolicy>
>            <systemUsage>
>              <systemUsage sendFailIfNoSpace="true">
>                  <memoryUsage>
>                      <memoryUsage limit = "8 gb"/>
>                  </memoryUsage>
>                  <storeUsage>
>                      <storeUsage limit="50 gb" store="#store"/>
>                  </storeUsage>
>                  <tempUsage>
>                      <tempUsage limit="10 gb"/>
>                  </tempUsage>
>              </systemUsage>
>          </systemUsage>
> 	<plugins>
>                  <timeStampingBrokerPlugin
> zeroExpirationOverride="2419200000"/>
>                  <discardingDLQBrokerPlugin dropAll="true"
> dropTemporaryTopics="true" dropTemporaryQueues="true" />
>          </plugins>
>      </broker>
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