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From Marco Sacchetto <>
Subject jmx queues attributes not as expected
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2014 08:34:57 GMT
Hi, we're running on a test server ActiveMQ 5.9.1.

The server is working as expected when producers and consumers are 
connected; messages are correctly published. We now needed to monitor 
the queues and the queued messages, prossibly reading the contents of 
some of those. For this, I configured the server to enable the jmx 

This is where things started looking weird. In brief, through jconsole I 
can see on the broker's attributes that messages are enqueued, and 
eventually dequeued when a consumer is connected.
BUT, the 2 queues (the one created by ActiveMQ, and the ActiveMQ.DLQ 
queue) remain empty -and yeah, even after refreshing the jconsole view-. 
Attributes like queue size, cursor index, all counts continuosly remain 
zero. Even if I got no consumers connected, no messages seem to be 
inside those queues.

My question is, what am I missing here? Why am I not getting any 
information from the queue? How are messages handled then, since they 
don't seem to pass inside any queue, but our test applications still work?

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