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From James Black <>
Subject AMQ 5.10 Replication LevelDB 2 nodes
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2014 12:03:15 GMT

we are looking to move to using LevelDB replication after having performance
problems with KahaDb and replication.  This is on servers running Windows.

Is replicated leveldb supported or recommended on Windows?

We will only have 2 nodes to run ActiveMq on, one for the master and one for
the slave.  We also intend to run ZooKeeper on 3 nodes, 2 on the nodes used
for AMQ and 1 on a separate server.  My intention is that if one server goes
down ActiveMQ will continue to operate.

I have had to set the property for LevelDB, replicas to 1 to get a master to
start on its own.  As we want the slave for failover should the master go
down, we would like the slave to continue to be able to operate on its own. 
We would also like to reboot the slave server if necessary.

My question is that what effect this has on sync property.

If replicas = 1 and the sync = quorum_mem, does this mean that the update is
considered complete when it has hit both master and slave1 memory?

Or because replicas = 1 is this considered complete when it hits the master
memory only.

Also what is the difference between remote_mem and quorum_mem?  In both the
general case and this specific example?



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