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From Jon Mithe <>
Subject Desktop applications
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 11:25:58 GMT

I'm trying to figure out if activemq would be a good fit to broker messages
from a desktop application to a backend services.

In particular what is confusing me is say 100 users log on to the system (I
see activemq has user auth) how do I can manage the users session.

For example, each user will make requests to and subscribe to common
services (for example, to send an order and listen for order updates) but
each user must only recieve their own information, i.e. I dont think I can
have a generic "orders" queue.

So I think each user will need their own unique end points / queues and on
disconnect the broker would I assume bring all these down.

Its almost like a template, each user will have acess to these 5 end points
but unique instance for each one based on the login credentials, I imagine
something like "orders-jon123".

>From all the books I've read, they are focused more on backend and web app. 
I.e. effectivley 1 user thats handling requests/subscriptions on behalf of
users and can securly spread / filter out information to the relevant users.

Alot of the systems I work on are monolithic point to point systems which
are a nightmare to deal with / enhance so I'm interested learning more about
service orientated architecture, EIP's, activemq to try and break down the
point to point pain.  

Any help or point in the right direction would be great thanks, I'm not
afraid of a suggestion that I can research, activemq is seems so
big/powerfull I just dont know where to start.


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