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From artnaseef <>
Subject Re: JMS to JMS Bridge Connection
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2014 16:19:24 GMT
For keep-alive packets, I was referring to the inactivity monitor and not TCP
keep-alive packets.

The documentation is correct - the default is not to enable TCP keep-alive
packets on the socket.

I don't think there is any conflict between the two.

One thought is coming to mind here after re-reading the posts.  Is it
possible a transaction is involved here?  Is JTA in-use on the JVMs with
these embedded brokers?  If there are transactions, that could explain the
failure to send messages and why only a certain number of messages are ever
consumed.  To clarify, sends in a transaction only take effect after the
commit, and receives are only acknowledged on commit.

Note that the connection factory setup in the posted activemq configs are
not explicitly using transactions, which is good.

Transactions could also explain an apparent lack of resumed flow on
reconnect - the consumer would receive the same messages again on every
reconnect and would stop at the same point.

One way to tell - try the same setup with a stand-alone broker using the
configs provided to see if it has the same problems.

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