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From gkh <>
Subject Re: AMQ 5.6 IllegalStateException: Cannot add producer
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2014 17:15:53 GMT
Sorry for the mis-information and noise previously on this thread.

I've dug into this more and found out a few more details: our producer app
(Spring-base web app) spins up an embedded broker (v5.3-fuse libraries) that
'receives' messages from the app and forwards those messages on to the 'hub'
broker (that we are looking to upgrade to 5.6, from 5.5.1).  

So I was wrong in my initial post that the 'network of brokers' doesn't

The embedded brokers are configured to accept messages from the app either
via a VM://<broker name> or openwire tcp://<local messaging port>
transport connectors.  This embedded broker has only one configured

<amq:networkConnector uri=&quot;static(tcp://&lt;master_broker>)"
name="NotificationsBridge" dynamicOnly="false" conduitSubscriptions="true"
decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority="false" networkTTL="12">
<amq:queue physicalName="Notifications"/>

When I look at the warning messages in the logs, I see that the client name
(NC_default_outbound) is associated with the first embedded broker to
connect, not the name indicated on the networkConnector config.  

So a few more questions:
1) Does ActiveMQ 5.6 support a network of brokers where the spokes are v5.3
2) We have a pool of application servers (up to 100 in one environment)
using the above posted config.  I'm guessing that there will be issues if
all the embedded brokers connect to the hub with the same name, correct?
3) How does one re-configure the embedded brokers to send a unique client
name, if the name attribute on the networkConnector element doesn't work?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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