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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: How long do I have to acknowledge() a message?
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2014 07:56:39 GMT
The broker holds state about unacknowledged messages - and will hold 
that state until either the broker shuts down or the client disappears.
Remember that acknowleding a message will acknowledge all messages 
consumed by the client's Session. Depending on what your doing, you may 
want to use individual acknowledge, which is an ActiveMQ specific feature.

> Kevin Burton <>
> 11 June 2014 06:57
> I can't find any documentation on how long I have to manually 
> acknowledge a
> message when auto ack is disabled.
> I need about 2 minutes before I acknowledge() a message as I have to
> process it and make sure that it's completed on my end.
> Then I can ackā€¦ but how long do I have? Where is this set?
> I assume there is documentation on the subject but I'm unable to find it.

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