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From bdgackle <>
Subject Possible conflict with glibc -- MAP_TYPE
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2014 21:30:48 GMT
I'm using ActiveMQ-CPP library version 3.8.2.  

in activemq-cpp-3.8.2/activemq/util/PrimitiveValueNode.h, the symbol
"MAP_TYPE" is used as an enumeration labels.

This symbol is also used in a #define macro in bits/mman-linux.h.  This is
one of the header files that is packaged with glibc 2.19-5 (and possibly
older versions as well).

This results in compile errors in some circumstances.  If the glibc include
happens to come first, then the #define changes MAP_TYPE into a numerical
literal, causing compile errors when you get to the ActiveMQ-CPP headers. 
If it isn't first, then compilation happens, but the MAP_TYPE symbol is
still being clobbered by the macro.

Should I submit this as a bug?  It isn't really that ActiveMQ-CPP is doing
anything wrong, but it seems to be a conflict with a ubiquitous library.

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