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From mqadmin44 <>
Subject SSL and Spring and transport connector
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 15:40:31 GMT
I need clarification on the documentation provided in the link below

This document states that:

/Using Spring to configure SSL for a Broker instance

Sometimes the use of* system properties is not appropriate as
they effect all SSL users in a JVM. ActiveMQ 5.2.x adds an <sslContext>
element to the <amq:broker> that allows a broker specific set of SSL
properties to be configured.

The SslContext test case validates starting an SSL transport listener using
the configuration specified in the broker Xbean. The SslContext element is
added to the broker as follows:
  <amq:broker useJmx="false" persistent="false">
            keyStore="server.keystore" keyStorePassword="password"
            trustStore="client.keystore" trustStorePassword="password"/>
      <amq:transportConnector uri="ssl://localhost:61616" />

The SslContext is used to configure the SslTransportFactory for that broker.
Full details of the configuration options available can be seen in the
schema definition or in the accessors of

I do not have any problems with all users of the JVM beging forced to use
SSL.  That would be good.

Therefore, It does not appear that I need to include the spring config in my
conf/activemq.xml file.

So my questions are:

1> Is it acceptable that I do not include the Spring config defined above in
my activemq.xml file

2> I do not think I need the ssl transport connector.  This does not appear
to be an issue, Is that correct

3>  I should not have to change my source code using all default values, or
change any values within the code.  Is this correct ?

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