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From Mehra <>
Subject Message Group
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 17:09:00 GMT
We are using activemq to handle our JMS messages, the messages come from
different devices with unique device_id and we like to make sure that
messages from a specific device , process in order. 
also we have thousands of devices. 
I am new on AMQ but we have performance issue and I came across message
group concept so I think it can help us but I am just worry that, if we use
multiple consumers and use that device_id as our JMSXGroupID, basically for
example all messages from device_id 205 and 105 will all go to the consumer1
, and all messaged from 102 and 202 go to consumer2 and so on,  now think
about this scenario that a message form 105 go into the consumer1 and it
take long to get processed, then a message from 205 come , we dont want it
to wait because although they are belong to same consumer but they are for
different devices and we dont care if they are not in a same order! 
so is there any mechanism that we can check and see which device_id  make
consumer busy , so if new message comes in, we first check see if it has the
same device_id or not! if not we send this message to a another consumer
that is not too busy but if it has a same device_id then it has to wait in
the queue of that consumer because of the order issue. 

Thank you for any help and suggestion in advnace

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