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From naris <>
Subject Re: Building Instructions on the ApacheMQ-CPP Website.
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2014 22:26:05 GMT
Hadrian Zbarcea wrote
> Not sure what you mean. The Building section instructs one to run:
> ./
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> The note you mentioned refers to warnings you may see after running 
> Doesn't that work for you?
> Hadrian

When I view the Building section
<>  , there is no mention of, configure or make anywhere on the entire page. All of the places
on the page where instructions go are blank -- nothing follows the "run:"

It looks like this, there are no commands anywhere

This assumes you have all of the project dependencies installed. We're now
ready to create the configure script. To do this, run:
	You may see the following warnings when running this command:

src/test-integration/ `CXXFLAGS' is a user variable, you
should not override it;
src/test-integration/ use `AM_CXXFLAGS' instead.
src/test/ `CXXFLAGS' is a user variable, you should not
override it;
src/test/ use `AM_CXXFLAGS' instead.

These can be ignored. We override CXXFLAGS in the makefiles for the unit and
integration tests in order to suppress compiler warnings.

This should be run the first time and anytime you change or any
of the files.
	Solaris 10 Note
CppUnit might not build until you correct the file to contain
the correct data, see this discussion.

The configure script will customize the way the software is built and
installed into your system along with detecting the available libraries that
have been installed. To use the default configuration just run:

For more help on how to customize the build configuration, run:

Once the configure script has run successfully, you are ready to build. Run:

This will build all of the core ActiveMQ CPP source code. To build and
install the code into the system directories, run:

You will have to become the superuser in order to be able to install the

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