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From gregg <>
Subject Re: Same message redelivered to multiple consumers after failover
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2014 04:15:05 GMT
All redelivered messages have the same messageId key and the
redeliveryCounter is incremented for each listener - ending at 3 because
same message got redelivered to 3 listeners.

The problem seems to happen immediately after I terminate the running broker
by sending CTRL-C in the running window. This redelivery happens during the
Master broker shutdown sequence and before the slave broker even detects a
freed lock.I can also reproduce this by sending the Terminate jvm(int)
operation to the broker using Hawtio console. I can't reproduce the same
behaviour when sending the Stop() operation however.

So to summarize. This is not a failover related issue, but it still bugs me
that messages got redelivered during broker shutdown sequence. Any ideas of
why this is happening?

Here is the output of the shutdown:
 INFO | Apache ActiveMQ 5.9.0 (localhost,
ID:THINKTANK-65324-1394336317301-1:1) is shutting down
 INFO | Connector openwire stopped
 INFO | Stopping async queue tasks
 INFO | Stopping async topic tasks
 INFO | Stopped KahaDB
 INFO | Apache ActiveMQ 5.9.0 (localhost,
ID:THINKTANK-65324-1394336317301-1:1) uptime 1 minute
 INFO | Apache ActiveMQ 5.9.0 (localhost,
ID:THINKTANK-65324-1394336317301-1:1) is shutdown
 INFO | Closing org.apache.activemq.xbean.XBeanBrokerFactory$1@1dc2481:
startup date [Sat Mar 08 22:38:35 EST 2014]; root of context hierarchy
 INFO | Destroying Spring FrameworkServlet 'dispatcher'
 INFO | Destroying hawtio authentication filter

artnaseef wrote
> You are correct. The message should only dispatch to one of the three. 
> One thing to check: are all three getting a msg with the same msg id and
> with the JMSRedelivered flag set?
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>> On Mar 7, 2014, at 10:53 AM, "Raul Kripalani-2 [via ActiveMQ]" &lt;

> ml-node+s2283324n4678647h5@.nabble

> &gt; wrote:
>> Hi Gary, 
>> On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 4:41 PM, Gary Tully <[hidden email]> wrote: 
>> > that is expected. with the caveat that you would need to repeat a few 
>> > times to get it delivered to all the consumers. 
>> > 
>> Why is this? If I understood correctly, the OP reported that the same 
>> message on a queue got redelivered to *all consumers* on that queue, i.e. 
>> AMQ followed the publish-subscribe behaviour rather than the
>> point-to-point 
>> behaviour. 
>> If there are multiple consumers there is no guarantee that the same 
>> > consumer gets the messages the next time. 
>> Agreed; but why is the message redelivered to *all* other consumers
>> instead 
>> of the broker picking one (i.e. competing consumers)? 
>> Apologies if I misunderstood something ;-) 
>> Regards, 
>> *Raúl Kripalani* 
>> Apache Camel PMC Member & Committer | Enterprise Architect, Open Source 
>> Integration specialist 
>> |
>> | twitter: @raulvk 
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