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From Chirag Pujara <>
Subject Re: Broker Hangs after some time - or does nothing.
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2014 23:15:27 GMT
I have producerFlowControl to false. I seperated my producer and consumers.
But still I was able to reproduce issue. For some time bunch of messages
started pile up in queue. Then they started to endup in DLQ. In DLQ I saw
most of them have these property:

dlqDeliveryFailureCause: java.lang.Throwable: Exceeded redelivery policy
limit:RedeliveryPolicy {destination = null, collisionAvoidanceFactor =
0.15, maximumRedeliveries = 6, maximumRedeliveryDelay = -1,
initialRedeliveryDelay = 1000, useCollisionAvoidance = false,
useExponentialBackOff = false, backOffMultiplier = 5.0, redeliveryDelay =
1000}, cause:null

Does this thing has anything to do with the issue?

I was not monitoring heap size when it got stuck. that will be next thing
to do. But I can hit webconsole from that activemq instance. So if it had
memory issues how come console is still working? isn't it same process?


On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 12:36 AM, artnaseef <> wrote:

> How about a stack trace on the client?  Can you look for the consumer
> threads
> and see what they are doing?
> Note that with producers and consumers on the same connection, it's
> possible
> to reach a deadlock if producer-flow-control kicks in because the entire
> connection is blocked, not just the one producer.  There are two ways this
> can happen.  First, if the client produces and consumes the same
> destination.  Second, if the client is producing one destination and
> consuming a second destination and another client is consuming the first
> and
> producing to the second.  Actually, more complicated possibilities exist as
> well.
> Your best bet is to never consume and produce on the same connection so
> that
> consumption never blocks due to producer-flow-control.  In that scenario,
> deadlocks won't happen because consumers can always consume.
> Back to stack traces - if the consuming threads are blocked waiting to
> obtain a lock while producing threads hold that lock, that could indicate
> the problem.
> Anyway, slow consumption is quite often the cause of broker hangs, so
> looking for slow consumption and understanding speeding consumption (or
> slowing production) is important.  If the broker JVM becomes completely
> unresponsive, try connecting jconsole or visualvm before the broker hangs
> and then watch memory.  If the JVM is running out of Heap or Permgen space,
> that would explain the hung broker.
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