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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: rebalanceClusterClients , failover and transactions
Date Wed, 19 Feb 2014 12:39:28 GMT

On 16 February 2014 16:09, Enrico Olivelli <> wrote:
> If I set updateURIsSupported=false do I need to reconfigure all the clients
> when I'm going to a a new broker ?
yes. you could make use of updateURIsURL to externalise the list.

> I cannot find the documentation for reconnectSupported here
> what does that option mean ?
it causes failover to ignore reconnect commands from the broker. I
updated the doc to include this.

> I do not understand clearly what is the maning of |priorityBackup while
> using the updateClusterClients features, that it, in a network of brokers
> where clients discover the existance of new brokers from informations
> received from the actually connected broker and do not necessarly known the
> URLs of every broker at startup

It is static, so not much use if you don't know the possible broker
url list up front. Possibly
this can be made more general, like a regx match rather than an exact
match like it is today.
That may be a sensible enhancement, please open a jira if you think it
would help your scenario.

On the real issue with transactions and failover. In general a
failover can occur at any time,
so dealing with a rebalance reconnect is no different.
When you say messages are suppressed as duplicates - do they get lost.
if so then we have a problem
broker side that we need to address.

If you can provide a test case that warrants a jira to investigate some more.

> can you explain ?
> |
> thank you very much
> Il 14/02/2014 15:52, Gary Tully ha scritto:
>> the rebalance is all about new brokers in the cluster, so the
>> rebalance should only fire on a broker start.
>> the priorityBackup options allow a failover client to be sticky. Also
>> updateURIsSupported=false and reconnectSupported=false disables this
>> feature client side
>> On 8 February 2014 17:07, Enrico Olivelli <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm facing a problem in my system due to the option
>>> rebalanceClusterClients.
>>> As I can see when this option is enabled every time a new connection is
>>> created a signal is sent to every connected client in the network and
>>> every
>>> failover connection is closed and re-opened.
>>> In my system it happens that when a producer (using failover tranport) is
>>> inside a transaction and a new client connects then some of the messages
>>> are
>>> dropped by KahaDB as beeing ssen as duplicates
>>> Again, the rebalanceClusterClients option is very aggressive and
>>> generates a
>>> lot of network/broker overhead in my system, when I have something like
>>> 100
>>> cons JVM , which get disconnected and reconnected every time a new
>>> producer
>>> (which is sporadically spawned) gets in.
>>> Can I realize a setup like this ?
>>> - failover transport producers insiede a transaction do not
>>> accept/silently
>>> drop  the command to rebalance the cluster and reconnect
>>> - not every client get reconnected at every new client attaches to the
>>> cluster
>>> thanks in advance
>>> ActiveMQ is great
>>> Enrico Olivelli


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