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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: priorityBackup not supported with masterslave ?
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 15:48:59 GMT
that needs an enhancement and may be tricky to implement b/c network
connectors cannot operate properly over failover reconnects.
masterslave does not do any retries - it just picks from the url list,
and should respect randomize=false on the first connect and reconnect
(when initiated by the networkConnector discovery agent)
but because it does not do reconnects via the failover transport
(maxReconnect=0) it does not track restarts and priority.

On 7 February 2014 15:56, Geurt Schimmel <> wrote:
> Hi,
> randomize=false and priorityBackup are not working with the masterslave protocol - or
is this by design ?
> A client-broker has a masterslave setup towards hostA and hostB.
> Would like to failover to hostB if ActiveMQ on hostA is not available, but if hostA becomes
available again, would like to switch back to hostA. After starting the client-broker, I see
that it's often connected to hostB - apparently, the order I specified is not honoured, so
randomize=false is not working. When shutting down the destination-broker it is currently
connected to, there is a failover indeed, but after that broker comes back, there is no priorityBackup,
so no switch back to hostA.
>   <networkConnector name="sbpamq102_sbpahdb" userName="system" password="${activemq.password}"
uri="masterslave:(ssl://ipaddr_hostA:61616?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=0&amp; connectionTimeout=3000,ssl://ipaddr_hostB:61616?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=0&amp;
duplex="false" networkTTL="10" prefetchSize="3000" staticBridge="true">
>         <staticallyIncludedDestinations>
>         ...
>         </staticallyIncludedDestinations>
>       </networkConnector>
> And the listeners on hostA and hostB:
> <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="ssl://"
updateClusterClients="true"  updateClusterClientsOnRemove="true"/>
> I checked, reason why rebalanceClusterClients
in not in the transportconnector-config.
> Thanks,
> Geurt


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