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From jlindwall <>
Subject Re: Stress testing: OOME
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2014 01:09:38 GMT
Thanks all for the comments - I will rerun my stress test on Monday and
report back.  I do not think my url-based parameter were being used because
of pilot error: I was using a file (a practice I have now
abandoned) and the connection url was specified in that file, not in my
external properties files.  

The text fixture consists of 2 separate jmeter test cases (.jmx files), so
each runs in its own jvm. Producers in one JVM, consumers in the other. 
Each JVM has max 512m heap and max 128m permgen.  I have configured the
jmeter Subscriber Sampler to initiate the jms connection once at startup,
but I now realize I do not know if that is once per consumer thread or one
shared connection -- I'll verify that and report back.

I'll see if the flow control ameliorates this issue.  As I said, I am stress
testing and actively wanting to see how the system fails. Learning how to
tune the system to make it more resilient & learning how to monitor/diagnose
problem events are my goals.

Yes, the consumers are pulling lots of messages but hopefully the JVM can gc
them as they are not collected AFAIK.  Have a great weekend and thanks guys!

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