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From Genc, Ömer <>
Subject Broker URI Configuration in Apache Geronimo
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:43:24 GMT
Hey folks,

currently I am trying to configure ActiveMQ in Apache Geronimo. I deploy my own custom module
on Geronimo. In the deployment descriptor of this module I would like to configure an ActiveMQ
broker using a broker URI in the resource adapter of ActiveMQ. I am especially interested
in configuring NetworkConnector using the Broker URI. I found the documentation and an example

The corresponding entry in my deployment descriptor looks like this:

<conn:config-property-setting name="ServerUrl">
vm:broker:(tcp://localhost:61616,network:static://(tcp://remoteHost-1:61616,tcp:// remoteHost-2:61616))/DefaultActiveMQBroker?broker.create=yes&amp;jms.watchTopicAdvisories=false&amp;jms.copyMessageOnSend=false&amp;jms.persistent=false

However the configuration using the broker URI does not seem to work, by stepping through
the code, I can see that no NetworkConnectors are added to the DefaultActiveMQBroker. Please
note, the »DefaultActiveMQBroker« is default created by the Geronimo application server
and is already running when my module is deployed.

When I change the above code to create a new broker and add my NetworkConnector to it, everything
works as expected. I changed the port number of the transport connector and the broker name,
therefore a new broker is created when I deploy my custom module. For example the following
code works:

<conn:config-property-setting name="ServerUrl">
vm:broker:(tcp://localhost:61636,network:static://(tcp://remoteHost-1:61616,tcp:// remoteHost-2:61616))/MyCustomActiveMQBroker?broker.create=yes&amp;jms.watchTopicAdvisories=false&amp;jms.copyMessageOnSend=false&amp;jms.persistent=false

I am also able to modify the activemq.xml included in the ActiveMQ resource adapter module
of Geronimo . This file is used by Geronimo to configure the »DefaultActiveMQBroker« on
start up. When adding my NetworkConnectors there, erveything works correct and my NetworkConnector
are added. But I need to use the broker URI configuration from above.

It seems, that it is not possible to add NetworkConnector using the broker URI on already
running brokers. Is this a known bug?
Am I missing something?

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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