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From Jose María Zaragoza <>
Subject Re: Connect ApacheMQ with web application using JMS
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 21:56:12 GMT
2014/1/16 Ilya Kazakevich <>:
> Hello,
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>>From: Jose María Zaragoza []
>>Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 11:30 PM
>>To: users
>>Subject: Re: Connect ApacheMQ with web application using JMS
> ....
>>A Connection is thread safe, but Sessions, MessageProducers, and
>>MessageConsumers are not. The recommended strategy is to use one Session
> per
>>application thread.
> Thank you.
> So, I can store session and consumer in HTTP session and synchronize access
> to it (to prevent access from several browser tabs), right?
> Would not it be too heavy to have 200 sessions and 400 consumers (for 200
> users)?
> Or should I get all messages in one thread and then pass them to user
> threads?
> Ilya.

I think that browser tabs share HTTP session

Anyway, I think that if you 've got 200 concurrent users , you can
create 200 JMS sessions.Why not ? Is it so much 200 threads ? Tomcat
does it to manages HTTP requests
And AMQ PooledConnectionFactory has got several caches . For example,
cache by sessions per connection.

You could be create a shared consumer (singleton) and this consumer
would notify to every session when a message arrives.
And then, every session should check either this message is for it or
not. I think that this could be slow if there are a lot of messages

IMHO, I would get a connection from PooledConnectionFactory and I
would create new consumer per user-session.
And every consumer could subscribe with a selector ( ie, username='Mary' )
And in this case, you could use only one topic . If you want to send a
message to some user, create a message with this selector and send it
to the topic

So, each onMessage() of every consumer (  remember, one per
user-session ) would receive its messages

It's up to you


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