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From Torsten Mielke <>
Subject Re: 'Stuck' Messages on queue
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 08:39:46 GMT

Interestingly the brokerPath only contains the same broker name mqueue01.hl1.hl.
Are you using a broker network? If yes do all broker instances in your network have a unique
broker name assigned? 

If all broker names are unique or if you don’t use broker networks then this brokerPath
might indicate that the message got prefetched to a consumer but the consumer disconnected
before it consumed (and acked) the message. 
By default ActiveMQ will prefetch up to 1000 queue msgs to a consumer. If the consumer disconnects
after consuming just a few of them then I *believe* this would update the brokerPath as well.


Torsten Mielke

On 06 Jan 2014, at 18:09 pm, WhitestarB5 <> wrote:

> We have a queue which contains Json Messages. They do not tend to be large
> messages.
> We are experiencing an odd behaviour where messages will only be consumed
> very slowly and fitfully.
> The messages that are consumed are not always those at the top of the queue.
> The 'stuck' messages are however gradually consumed.
> The messages themselves are valid the only unusual aspect of these 'stuck'
> messages is the broker path.
> This is a repeated string which is far longer then normal. The DNS is valid
> internally.
> Broker Path:
> mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl,mqueue01.hl1.hl
> ActiveMQ 5.7.0
> Does anyone have any thought on what might be happening?
> Many thanks
> Richard
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