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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: Difference between wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration and IdleTimeout of pooled connection Factory
Date Fri, 03 Jan 2014 16:09:12 GMT
On 01/03/2014 04:50 AM, khandelwalanuj wrote:
> Hey,
> I ma getting confused between 'IdleTimeout' of pooledConnectionFactory and
> maxInactivityDuration.
These are two very different things and each work in there own way.

> *IdleTimeout *: For a Connection that is in the pool but has no current
> users the idle timeout determines how long the Connection can live before it
> is eligible for removal from the pool.
Right, so a connection that is checked out and is in use won't idle out, 
only one that has been created and then returned to the pool will be a 
candidate for idle processing.  So if your client's are using the 
connection actively and haven't called close() on the returned 
Connection object then this option shouldn't come into play.
> *maxInactivityDuration*: The InactivityMonitor expects to receive data on
> the connection during a specified maxInactivityDuration. If normal activemq
> traffic has not been sent across the connection during that period, it
> assumes there is an issue with the connection. The InactivityMonitor throws
> an InactivityIOException and shuts down the transport.
The inactivity monitor is used to more quickly detect failed connections 
between client and broker.  It involves sending a heart beat message 
between the client and the broker in the absence of any message 
traffic.  The connection won't be terminated just because your client 
hasn't sent or receive any messages, it only fails if the monitor is not 
able to hear anything from the broker.
> -> Both has default value of 30 sec.
> I am planning to increase the value of maxInactivityDuration from 30 sec to
> 2 mins for my ActiveMQ broker setup. I want Inactivity monitor to do the
> read check per 2 mins and not close any connection before that.
> But most of my clients uses pooled Connection factory for the connections,
> So should I also need to specify "IdleTimeout" in pooled Connection Factory
> to 2mins ?
> Thanks,
> Anuj
You don't need to sync up these values.  Set a duration for inactivity 
that's tolerable to your application and configure the pool to drop idle 
connections in a time that you feel will comfortable with.

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