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From jlindwall <>
Subject Re: Failover and non-persistent messages
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 19:56:48 GMT
Our system sends small messages (1k) frequently, as data changes in the
system, to serve as notifications to listeners.  The "users" (serving as
both producer and consumer) of these notifications are either human users or
batch processes.  The humans process records slowly with pause times  while
batch jobs process records quickly.  It is hoped that messages can be
received within 100ms of being sent. 

The scenario we have is non-persistent messages and non-durable
subscriptions.  At system startup there will be dozens-hundreds of consumers
connecting and remaining connected "forever".   The message stream is a
constant chatter of notification messages.  Fast delivery of messages to
interested subscriber is critical.

1. I see; I am thinking now that I have been delusional and that my tests
are not yet sufficient to prove the behavior that I require :) 

2. I do not anticipate large backlogs of undelivered messages to accumulate
in the broker.  Thanks for the warning though.  Is there some better
alternative to kahadb that you prefer?  Leveldb sounds more "experimental"
to me in my readings (at least, it is more complex to setup).  

3. Interesting.  I was dreaming of a "instantaneous" failover that might not
introduce a huge bump in latency when the failover occurs.  Pipe dream? 
Maybe, especially if I now need to enable persistent messages to guarantee
message delivery in case of a failover.

Thank you for your advice!

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