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From Finnfalter <>
Subject [Apollo 1.6] MQTT via Websocket client stucks after connect
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2014 16:08:39 GMT
I try to craft a client which sends MQTT messages as binary Websocket frames.
The client is based on  Java/Paho <>   for the
MQTT part and on  Netty 4.0.14 <>   for the
Websocket part. The server side is an unmodified Apollo 1.6.

Upon a successful connection between client and server, neither client nor
server ever receive messages again. 

The client is waiting for an answer to a 'publish' request. The web
interface of Apollo shows an open 'mqtt' connection in the 'ws' connector
having received 53 bytes and sent 4 bytes (it takes the client 53 bytes for
an opening request). This connection is closed after a timeout of 60

*What may be wrong?*

Logs of client and server are attached.

*<log of a modified Java/Paho MQTT-client trying to ride on Websocket
messages via Netty 4.0.14>*
[MQTT]         connecting to ws:// with client ID
[WebSocket] connecting to 61623
[WebSocket] connected
[MQTT]         CONNECT clientId SampleJavaV3_publish keepAliveInterval 60
(53 bytes written)
[WebSocket] received binary message
[MQTT]         received CONNACK msgId 0 return code: 0
[MQTT]         IS NOW Connected
[MQTT]         PUBLISH qos:1 msgId:1 retained:false dup:false
topic:"samples/topic01" payload:[hex:637573746f6d697a6564206d657373616765
utf8:"customized message" length:18] (39 bytes written)

*<apollo connection.log>*
connected: local:/, remote:/

*<apollo apollo.log>*
| WARN  | java.lang.AssertionError: Dispatch queue 'mqtt:
SampleJavaV3_publish' was not executing, (currently executing: '<no-label>')
| 143c4d66d50 

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