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From johnd <>
Subject Re: How to use embedded and standalone broker bridged together?
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2014 14:42:39 GMT
artnaseef wrote
> Is the embedded broker looking for messages on the Topic?


artnaseef wrote
> Keep in mind messages sent to a Topic are only ever dispatched to either
> active subscriptions, or durable subscriptions.  In fact, the broker never
> stores messages for a Topic, but instead stores them in the Topic
> subscriptions, which highlights the fact that a client coming in to
> consume from a Topic with a Non-Durable subscription won't have any past
> messages to consume.
> So, if the webapp is consuming from the Topic, then it will miss messages
> while it is away.
> If that's not the case, it would help to have a concise description of the
> destination flow.

The subscriptions on the topic are/were set to be durable.

As I couldn't get this to work, I switched to using a queue across the
bridge rather than a topic. This worked better but I had further problems
which I posted under the subject 'Persistent messages moving to DLQ when
consumer not active'. This turned out to be due to the use of the
TimeStampingBrokerPlugin (which you kindly pointed out). I removed this
plugin from the xml config and the messages were no longer moved to the DLQ. 

I have now switched back to using a topic over the bridge and again things
are working as expected. I think therefore it may have been the use of the
TimeStampingBrokerPlugin whited caused this problem, although I can't be

Anyway, problem resolved. Thanks for you help.



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