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From artnaseef <>
Subject Re: producer is getting stuck
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2014 18:20:53 GMT
Note that out-of-memory does not guarantee a JVM exit; in fact, it won't
cause one itself, but the throwing of OutOfMemory exceptions oftens leads to
applications forcing the JVM to terminate.  JVM's will continue to try to
operate indefinitely even with no heap or permgen space left.

Also note that once the JVM reaches an out-of-memory state, it becomes
unstable.  Even getting a stack trace or log message indicating the JVM is
out-of-memory is not guaranteed.  At the same time, many parts of the JVM
may continue to operate normally.

The results all depend on the amounts of memory being allocated by various
threads, and the exact nature of running out-of-memory.

Is it feasible to obtain a chart of heap space using jconsole or visualvm? 
If that shows the out-of-memory occurs during a short-lived spike in heap
use, and the heap memory returns back to normal after the spike, then you
may be right that the out-of-memory condition is not a major factor.

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