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From Paul Gale <>
Subject Re: Stomp reply-to header get altered to temporary queue by ActiveMQ in STOMP to JMS messaging
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 18:03:26 GMT
STOMP, as protocol, does not support request-response (or
request/reply, whatever you want to call it) per se. However, given
that ActiveMQ has mapped the 'reply-to' header to the associated JMS
header one could infer that ActiveMQ's implementation of STOMP does
support request-response, or perhaps it just means that ActiveMQ's
implementation facilitates STOMP consumers the ability to reply to JMS
based producers that are employing request-response. Not sure.

Assuming it's the former then your producer should subscribe to the
'temp-queue' before SENDing. Temporary queues are typically used for
request-response. As you're doing things in the wrong order the
consumer creates the temp-queue, not the producer. Given temp-queue
semantics the temp-queue's lifetime is tied to the consumer's
connection's lifetime, iow, the temp-queue only lives for as long as
the consumer is connected. Also, only the connection that created the
temp-queue (your consumer) can create consumers for it. Therefore your
producer will never be able to read from the temp-queue.

Hopefully, by altering the order of the subscribe and send on the
producer's side, things should work.


On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 1:59 PM, javaG <> wrote:
> I have STOMP producer in which I set reply-to header to something like
> /queue/yu8899-90yuhh-89nuinnk ( the last part is uuid generated unique
> value). After doing SEND in Stomp I subscribe to this reply-to queue but I
> have never any message on this reply-to. I found the reason is that ActiveMQ
> JMS consumer sends message to message.getJMSReplyTo() destination but this
> destination is no longer reply-to from Stomp but something like
> temp-queue://ID:hostname:CBE788:4578CB:4:5:1.
> Can someone what is going on here? I need to have request reply pattern
> working from JavaScript Stomp producer to Java JMS consumer.
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