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From Christian Posta <>
Subject Re: 5.3 question and server upgrade question...
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 23:37:17 GMT
The clients should negotiate the correct open-wire (protocol version)
so in theory the broker will be backward compatible with older
clients. Just make sure the activemq-openwire-legacy jar is on the
classpath (should be by default).

Of course I would test this out to make sure :)

On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 10:20 AM, Ned Wolpert <> wrote:
> Folks-
>   I have a 5.3 installation that we're using, and I have 2 questions for it:
> 1) We have prefetch set to 1 for all of the message consumers on one queue,
> where message handling is slow. But it still seems like messages aren't
> really 'round robin' to the next available message consumer. I'll see a few
> consumers are free but messages are waiting around. Is there a
> configuration that can help?  (I should note that the server has been
> running consistently for 9 months and it seems to be getting worse....
> would a restart help?)
> 2) We are looking to upgrade to 5.9. I haven't started the process of
> testing, but I wanted to see if this is a case where the 5.3 clients need
> to be upgraded at the same time as the server, or if the clients can be
> rolled over a few weeks to 5.9 after the server gets updated?
> Thanks!
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> Virtually, Ned Wolpert
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Christian Posta
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