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From Timothy Creswick <>
Subject RE: Updateclusterclients attributes specified on NIO+SSL transports
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 18:17:41 GMT
> Clients connect to tls-connector connector on port 51619 and point to the
> first broker.
> After few seconds they switch misteriously to the nio connector.

This makes sense to me.

I think if you look at the updateClusterClients behaviour you will see that the broker will
announce other network brokers to its clients.

For this to work, my understanding is that the network of brokers needs to be interconnected
using _the same_ transport connector that your clients connect to.

I might be wrong (I need to go through the source code again), however I'm pretty sure that
"updateClusterClients" will cause the broker to announce the URIs that it uses to connect
to other brokers in the network (in this case, the NIO connectors discovered on multicast).



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