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From Timothy Creswick <>
Subject RE: Updateclusterclients attributes specified on NIO+SSL transports
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2013 18:10:24 GMT
> Client-side I specified a connection string that point to NIO+SSL connector.
> The point is that after a while the client switch from NIO+SSL to pure NIO.
> Is this the expected behavior for client? I would expect that a client does
> not change protocol.

Hi Matteo,

I spent a lot of time debugging something similar with the failover transport a couple of
weeks ago and posted this message:

It looks like the transport connectors are effectively "self aware" when they announce across
the broker network. It appears to be imperative that you have your hostnames correctly setup,
and you also have PTR which resolves properly. I think that using addresses in the
connector can cause problems because the PublishedHostStrategy will attempt to figure out
the hostname using an alternative method.

In our deployment we ended up specifying the PublishedAddressPolicy. This will likely be a
bit different for you if you need SSL.

Hope this helps.



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