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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: traffic on the activemq with 300 Producer
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 11:13:56 GMT
Hello Muthana,

By switching to asynchronous connections, you don't solve the underlying 
problem. You just stop waiting for the final delivery of the messages. 
But they'll most likely still take 4 seconds to deliver.

You can't have both ways; asynchronous message delivery and a easy and 
reliable way to actually get the result of the delivery.

So I'd advice to go back to the original problem and don't add 
work-arounds unless that turns out to be the only solution. Try and find 
the actual problem: Why is your ActiveMQ slow?

Ask yourself all these kinds of questions: What is it doing (cpu? disk? 
network? memory? garbage collection?) ? How large are the messages you 
actually send (which is something else than how large you think they 
ought to be)? Did you add (or not remove) limits on the queue sizes, 
forcing blocking waits until there is some space available? Do you run 
into limitations of the OS like running out of file-pointers? Have you 
actually looked into the log-messages of ActiveMQ?
Is your hardware actually up to the task (but don't blindly replace the 
hardware with a more expensive box)?

If you just keep working around the actual problem, you'll never 
actually solve it. Of course, when you've asked and answered all of the 
above questions, it may turn out that you need connection pools, 
asynchronous connections and more... but those kinds of changes may 
solve some problems, but will likely introduce new problems (like you 
ran into).

Best regards,


On 28-11-2013 14:59 muthana wrote:
> Hello Arjen,
> thank you for your answer. It was helpful. I change the connection
> parameters into: connection.AsyncSend=true. This option made the producer
> faster because i'm sending the message async. into the AMQ. But i have loss
> some of the message if the broker is die for some reason.
> Actually i want ask in order to work around the sending in async. way. Which
> kind of response i got from AMQ, when i use the AsyncSend set to true by
> sending OR in another way: can i get some confirmation from AMQ that our
> message has been saved.
> Regards
> Muthana
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