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From Arjen van der Meijden <>
Subject Re: traffic on the activemq with 300 Producer
Date Wed, 27 Nov 2013 19:34:34 GMT
Hi Muthana,

While connect, send, disconnect is not super efficient, I wouldn't look 
into replacing that right now... You should first identify the problem, 
rather than jumping to solutions that may not work at all.

The overhead of repeated connect/disconnect should not be ignored. But 
they don't add multi-second delays, at least not until some 
resource-starvation (like file-pointers on Linux).

Even 0.1 second would be long for this kind of set-up. Unless you send 
very large messages.

Could you also try and see how fast, for instance, your set-up is with 
just 1 producer. Or only 10-30?

Apart from the suggesting to look at the log, also check the cpu-usage 
of your ActiveMQ (i.e. via 'top') and other characteristics of the 
system (like disk and memory usage, for instance via 'vmstat' or 'iostat').

Best regards,


On 27-11-2013 17:44 muthana wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> Some information about the our system: we installed the activemq on Ubuntu
> Server, a Java Processor works with multithreading (300 threads), all of
> them send messages to the activemq, there is no messages loss, but writting
> into the activemq is very slow. we built for each thread a connection to the
> AMQ, that means we have 300 connections writting parallel to the AMQ. We
> tried also one connection for all the 300 threads and and the average in
> writting into AMQ between 3-4 sec. per message
> I want to make the writting faster. can somebody help me on this? how can i
> solve this problem, therefore iwould like to ask which of the following
> scenario can help me better:
> 1. using 2 Broker
> 2. using connections pool steed of the 300 connections
> 3. or any better idea
> our currently average in writting into AMQ between 3-4 sec. per message. -->
> very slow
> any help will be great
> Muthana
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