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From Attila Nagy <>
Subject Re: Can this be done with ActiveMQ? (durable virtual topic with selector on STOMP with network of brokers)
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 09:35:37 GMT
OK, just the bare minimum:
how do I do a distributed (any producers and consumers can connect to 
any of the brokers, it's possible that messages accumulated on broker A 
will have a consumer on broker B) topic with a network of brokers, with 
durable subscriptions and selectors?

On 11/04/13 21:58, Attila Nagy wrote:
> Sure (python):
>     conn.send(data,
>               destination='/topic/VirtualTopic.radius',
>               headers={
>                        'content-length':reclen,
>                        'persistent':'true',
>                        'Xsystem':system,
>                        'Xstatustype':status_type,
>                        'Xrealm':realm,
>                        'expires':int((time.time()+600)*1000)
>                      },
>               )
> I think the problem on the two paths are:
> - selectorAware is not durable-aware, I mean, if I consume from a 
> queue (which is fed by a virtual topic) with a selector, it works only 
> in online mode, the chain doesn't retain the selector when the 
> consumer is offline. I think I understand this, and this is what I'm 
> asking in the subject: can AMQ do this (or something like this, 
> durable subscriptions to a topic with a selector)?
> - without selectorAware, the virtual topic posts all messages from the 
> topic to the queue, and the consumer only gets ones, which its 
> selector allows. My problem with this is what do I do with the bigger 
> and bigger pile of messages, lurking in various queues (for each 
> consumer with different selectors) and why it doesn't work? I mean it 
> works, but consuming from this setup takes ages, some messages 
> quickly, then nothing for looong seconds (nearly one minute), then 
> again a burst and nothing... I don't know what causes this.
> Here are two graphs:


> Each of them shows the time passing by in seconds on the X axis and 
> the number of messages sent on the Y.
> The first graph shows what happens when a sender posts into a virtual 
> topic, which has a (queue) consumer without selectors (and without 
> selectorAware).
> The red sender publishes messages, and the green consumer consumes 
> them with a slight delay, but with the same rate as the sender.
> On the second message, the sender has published 1000 messages, but the 
> consumer had a selector, which selected only 666 (2/3) of them. You 
> can see that the sender has published the 666 messages in about a 
> second, while the consumer got them only in batches with long waits.
> I do individual ACKs, but I can't see how a program error could do 
> this. I receive all selected messages after all, but only with big 
> delays.
> But this is just an interesting point, which I don't understand, and 
> my real problem is the first one:
> how to publish in a distributed network of brokers into a topic with 
> different durable subscribers with selectors.
> That's what I would like to know. :)
> On 11/04/2013 09:31 PM, Johan Edstrom wrote:
>> Are you marking the message as persistent?
>> On Nov 4, 2013, at 1:08 PM, Attila Nagy <> wrote:
>>> Even on you can find the terms durable topic and queue. 
>>> I think this is a compact way to represent that I want to store/get 
>>> my messages even when the consumer is offline.
>>> BTW, I'm afraid you haven't read my mail to the end, or the message 
>>> didn't get through.
>>> I'll try to conclude it: I would like to post to a virtual topic in 
>>> a network of brokers and consume from this topic (queues) with 
>>> different clients -with durable subscriptions, but I hope you won't 
>>> mind there is no durable subscription for queues- with different 
>>> selectors, and I would like to get only those messages to those 
>>> queues, which the selectors match.
>>> This works when the consumer is online (consuming from the queue), 
>>> but when I remove it, nothing will get into the queue.
>>> Or the other way around: all messages got into the queue even when 
>>> the consumer is offline, but the consumer receives messages in very 
>>> slow batches when I use a selector.
>>> Without a selector, the full speed can be achieved.
>>> These are two problems, though.
>>> On 11/04/2013 04:56 PM, Aleksandar Ivanisevic wrote:
>>>> The only thing that is durable is a consumer, topic per se can not be
>>>> durable. Also how is a queue durable? Perhaps you mean a queue with
>>>> persistent messages on it?
>>>> To have a durable consumer to a topic you need to create a durable
>>>> subscription, either through the console or by sending a client-id and
>>>> activemq.subscriptionName headers when connecting.
>>>> Attila Nagy <> writes:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I'm struggling with AMQ 5.9.0 to achieve my goals: durable virtual
>>>>> topics with selectors on STOMP, with a network of four brokers
>>>>> (connected with SSL connectors, with ACLs and certificate
>>>>> authentication/authorization both on client and server side).
>>>>> In english: I want to publish messages to a -more, but I think it's
>>>>> irrelevant here- (virtual) topic from machines spread in many data
>>>>> centers to AMQ servers in two DCs (2x2 machines, fully meshed). Any
>>>>> publisher or consumer can connect to any of the servers.
>>>>> The messages in the topic have several headers and I would like to
>>>>> filter them into durable queues.
>>>>> So for example Publisher1..10 publishes Type1..10 messages, but
>>>>> Consumer1 only consuming Type1, Consumer2 consuming Type1-3 and so on
>>>>> from durable queues.
>>>>> To protect the queues, I would like to deliver only the messages
>>>>> matching the consumer's selector, and publish the message with a TTL
>>>>> set, so if the consumer for the given queue is away for an extender
>>>>> period of time, the messages should be dropped.
>>>>> Seems to be fun, but I can't get it to work.
>>>>> The two behaviours I could get -so far with only one machine and only
>>>>> one publisher/consumer (one queue):
>>>>> - everything works nicely, the queue gets only the relevant messages,
>>>>> but it's not durable. If there is a consumer, it gets the messages,
>>>>> but if nobody listens, nothing gets to the queue.
>>>>> - the queue gets all of the messages (not just the ones, the selector
>>>>> would allow) and is durable. However, the consumer gets the messages
>>>>> in bursts, like around 130 messages per second and nothing for 
>>>>> about a
>>>>> minute, then another 130 messages and nothing for a minute, while the
>>>>> queue is full with messages.
>>>>> The configuration I use is:
>>>>> The difference between the two, described above is the selectorAware
>>>>> true setting, commented out in the pastebin config.
>>>>> I use a python client, publish to /topic/VirtualTopic.radius and
>>>>> consume from /queue/Consumer.radiusmq.VirtualTopic.radius with the
>>>>> following code snippet:
>>>>>      conn.connect(headers={'client-id':'radiusmq'})
>>>>>      conn.subscribe(headers={
>>>>> 'destination':'/queue/Consumer.radiusmq.VirtualTopic.radius',
>>>>>                              'ack':'client',
>>>>>                              'id':1,
>>>>>                              'activemq.prefetchSize':1000,
>>>>>                              'selector':"Xsystem = 'wired' AND ("
>>>>>                              "Xstatustype = 'STOP' OR "
>>>>>                              "Xstatustype = 'INTERIM_UPDATE')",
>>>>>                              }
>>>>>                     )
>>>>> I have some graphs about the latter case, if helps, however, I would
>>>>> like to get the former working, but with a durable queue.
>>>>> Thanks,

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