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From Attila Nagy <>
Subject Can this be done with ActiveMQ? (durable virtual topic with selector on STOMP with network of brokers)
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2013 13:52:19 GMT

I'm struggling with AMQ 5.9.0 to achieve my goals: durable virtual 
topics with selectors on STOMP, with a network of four brokers 
(connected with SSL connectors, with ACLs and certificate 
authentication/authorization both on client and server side).

In english: I want to publish messages to a -more, but I think it's 
irrelevant here- (virtual) topic from machines spread in many data 
centers to AMQ servers in two DCs (2x2 machines, fully meshed). Any 
publisher or consumer can connect to any of the servers.
The messages in the topic have several headers and I would like to 
filter them into durable queues.
So for example Publisher1..10 publishes Type1..10 messages, but 
Consumer1 only consuming Type1, Consumer2 consuming Type1-3 and so on 
from durable queues.
To protect the queues, I would like to deliver only the messages 
matching the consumer's selector, and publish the message with a TTL 
set, so if the consumer for the given queue is away for an extender 
period of time, the messages should be dropped.

Seems to be fun, but I can't get it to work.

The two behaviours I could get -so far with only one machine and only 
one publisher/consumer (one queue):
- everything works nicely, the queue gets only the relevant messages, 
but it's not durable. If there is a consumer, it gets the messages, but 
if nobody listens, nothing gets to the queue.
- the queue gets all of the messages (not just the ones, the selector 
would allow) and is durable. However, the consumer gets the messages in 
bursts, like around 130 messages per second and nothing for about a 
minute, then another 130 messages and nothing for a minute, while the 
queue is full with messages.

The configuration I use is:

The difference between the two, described above is the selectorAware 
true setting, commented out in the pastebin config.

I use a python client, publish to /topic/VirtualTopic.radius and consume 
from /queue/Consumer.radiusmq.VirtualTopic.radius with the following 
code snippet:
                             'selector':"Xsystem = 'wired' AND ("
                             "Xstatustype = 'STOP' OR "
                             "Xstatustype = 'INTERIM_UPDATE')",

I have some graphs about the latter case, if helps, however, I would 
like to get the former working, but with a durable queue.


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