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From Robert Davies <>
Subject Re: Use case of http transport connector
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2013 10:43:09 GMT

On 7 Oct 2013, at 16:31, Steven Turner <> wrote:

> In addition to below post I also want to add some queries while using http
> transport.
> 1. The HTTP transport is used to tunnel over HTTP(hypertext transfer
> protocol) using XML payloads. http transport uses openwire, which operates
> in binary format while http protocol don't understand binary data. So how
> both of them communicate ? 

The binary open wire format is translated into text encoded Http posts.
> 2. If http transport communicate with http protocol then it must use GET
> POST methods, while sending the message. So does it use them and if yes
> where should I capture these request, I have tried to see those GET POST in
> browser using my host:port but got the below reply which is specified in
> point number 3 
> 3. I have tried using 1 producer and 1 consumer, which were properly sending
> and receiving messages but when I pasted url into the browser I got this
> error "No clientID header specified"
> ---------------------------------------->
> Problem accessing /. Reason:
>    No clientID header specified
> Powered by Jetty://  
> ---------------------------------------->

The HTTP transport won't be able to be read from a browser in this way.
> 4. How http is different from Webscoket REST AJAX transports which all are
> supported by ActiveMQ.
Its very different - if you want to communicate with a HTML 5 browser - I would recommend
using either mqtt or STOMP over web sockets.

> 5. What is major advantage of http transport over TCP transport connector
> and some use case for http transport where we can use it.

There aren't advantages, its slower and somewhat of a legacy transport. It can be useful though
if you need to communicate with a broker that's sitting behind a firewall that is restricted
to HTTP or HTTP/S only - it could be useful.

> What is the exact relation between HTTP PROTOCOL, HTTP TRANSPORT, ACTIVEMQ,
> JETTY SERVER and OPENWIRE ? How each of them operate simultaneously in
> ActiveMQ ? 
> Thanks,
> Steven
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