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From Gary Tully <>
Subject Re: Connection over FleetBroadband (satellite)
Date Fri, 18 Oct 2013 13:30:47 GMT
the network connector wants to be always up, and when it is down you
can configure the retry strategy, delay, backoff multiplier etc. such
that it effectively polls.
To get it to die, you can configure the inactivitymonitor to be
asymmetric; have the one end (hub) disable (maxInactivityDuration=0)
and the other end use it. In this way, one end will abort the
connection after some period of inactivity b/c there will be no reply
to its keepAlive calls.

On the spoke(client) broker do something like:

So the networkBridge will die after 4seconds of inactivity and
reconnect after 30seconds. You can tweak those values.
Maybe have a dedicated transport connector for this  satellite broker,
so the others can use the usual symmetric inactivity monitor.

On 18 October 2013 11:47, gio2375 <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> for our customer we have an application using ActiveMq and all works well.
> Now our customer want to install it on a ship with a satellite connection.
> We never tried it on this type of connection and we must to be sure it'll
> works well.
> In our configuration we have a broker network:
> <amq:networkConnector userName="name" password="password"
> name="brokerOffice" duplex="true"  brokerName="brokerOffice"
> dispatchAsync="true" prefetchSize="1" conduitSubscriptions="true"
> decreaseNetworkConsumerPriority="false"
> uri="masterslave:(tcp://test1:61611?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=0,tcp://test2:61611?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=0)"/>
> The problem is that on the ship the connection is on-demand. It means that
> when a software try to connect with server on the other side of connection,
> a connection with the satellite will be established in a transparently way
> for the software. After that, the connection between client and server can
> be established. When client or server close the connection, the satellite
> connection will be stopped.
> For the contract type that our client have, he pay for each satellite
> connection. So, my question is, there is a way to configure ActiveMq to
> remain connected not always but only for a minimal time?
> Can someone suggest some way to do it?
> Thanks
> Giovanni
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