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From Johan Edstrom <>
Subject Re: Individual Acknowledgement seems not working in NMS
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 02:02:13 GMT
That can be implemented as an external pub sub system using temporary queue advisories and
keeping the messages outside Amq until drain time.

Give each consumer a uuid, that uuid is also used as "temp queue name", when a consumer is
attaching, start sending.
Acking can be done back on a normal queue if wanted to the subscription system. 

When a message is delivered and asked, mark it as done wherever you persist it.

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On Oct 8, 2013, at 19:52, HellKnight <> wrote:

> Mr. Bish:
>    I've read your comments about my jira issue and thanks for resolving
> that. However, I found myself in bigger trouble now:
>    What I want to achieve in the first place is as follow:
> 1.  A producer program will monitor a database . When that database is
> updated , the producer will generate a message and send it to everyone who
> is concerned about the change of the database.
> 2.  For every consumer who receive the database update message , they will
> read it and do something to process it. After they process a message ,they
> will click a "Processed" button(every message has its own processed button). 
> A consumer won't receive messages that has been processed by it.  If the
> consumer did not click the processed button , then they will receive the
> unprocessed message during next login.
>     If a message is sent to multiple consumers and some of the consumers
> processed the message, the other consumers should receive the message during
> next login.
>     All of the above is very easy to implement by individual ack mode. 
> However, I chose durable pub/sub mode because My message is possible to be
> sent to multiple consumers, so P2P queue is not an option. But durable
> pub/sub is not compatible with individual ack mode .  And there is no way I
> could delete a message from a topic by TopicViewMbean interface.  So exactly
> how could I implement my user requirements ? I couldn't come up with any
> simple solution without modifying the code I've already written.  Looking
> forward to help and thanks in advance.
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