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From fenbers <>
Subject Interesting failure every 4th day
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 22:59:24 GMT
I wrote 3 Java apps whose GUIs update upon receiving messages from AMQ. 
While AMQ runs 24/7/365, my apps only run for as long as the user's shift
lasts (up to 10 hours).  However, after AMQ is running for about 4 days, one
(or more) of these three apps seems to lose its ability to receive messages
even though its connection to AMQ is still active.  The GUI fails to update
even though AMQ is still sending messages.  The log file indicates that the
message was never received and that onMessage() was never invoked.  I call
this "subtlely failing" because the intended behavior ceases, yet no AMQ log
information is generated which indicates a problem (even when set to TRACE
level logging)...

Other users running the same app on the same network connected to the same
broker do not have the problem most times.  Restarting my app does not help;
only restarting AMQ solves the problem (until about 4 days later when the
symptoms reappear).

I wrote several other producers and one other consumer which are all
utilities (no GUI or user-interaction involved).  One of these also runs
24/7/365.  These utilities never seem to lose their ability to communicate
with AMQ (either direction).  So the commonality among those that exhibit
the problem is that they all have a GUI and are updated through an async
thread.  Thus, my override of AMQ's onMessage() calls updateMyGUI(), which
contains the following:

So I figure the problem has to be related to this new thread that I create
to update the GUI, because the apps that lack this "asyncExec()" never fail. 
It's puzzling that restarting my apps don't solve the problem; only
restarting AMQ does.  It's also puzzling why this happens predictably about
every 4 days...  It's also puzzling why not all instances of the same app
exhibit the symptoms.

Would anyone have any ideas why this might be, or what I could try to get
around the problem??

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