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From HellKnight <>
Subject Could LevelDB improve performance when sending messages to composite destinations ?
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 02:50:22 GMT
   It was said "A send to a composite destination only stores the message on
disk once." in  this post

. I am using virtual topics and bothered by performance issues ,so I changed
kahaDB to LevelDB. 
    However it does not work out as I expected. The good thing is LevelDB is
faster than KahaDB in terms of writing/reading from HardDisk, it took much
less time to send a persistent message from a producer to a queue. However,
if you send a persistent message to a virtual topic , the time that it will
take is correlated to the numbers of queues that mapped to this virtual
topic.In other words , the time is correlated to the times that the message
shall be copied. 
    This phenomenon makes me confusing. If any message send to a composite
destination will be stores on disk once, then no matter how many physical
queues are mapping to a virtual topic, the time that it will take to send
this message should be all the same. If it took me 1ms to send a message to
VitualTopic.Test when there are only one consumer, I think it will still
take 1ms to send the same message when there are 1000 consumers. After all,
the message will only be stored on disk once and I think writing to disk is
the most time-consuming step if you are sending persistent messages. Is
there anything I should configure while using LevelDB to gain the
performance I expected ? Thanks a lot for any help.

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