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From HellKnight <>
Subject Re: Individual Acknowledgement seems not working in NMS
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2013 01:52:21 GMT
Mr. Bish:
    I've read your comments about my jira issue and thanks for resolving
that. However, I found myself in bigger trouble now:
    What I want to achieve in the first place is as follow:
1.  A producer program will monitor a database . When that database is
updated , the producer will generate a message and send it to everyone who
is concerned about the change of the database.
2.  For every consumer who receive the database update message , they will
read it and do something to process it. After they process a message ,they
will click a "Processed" button(every message has its own processed button). 
A consumer won't receive messages that has been processed by it.  If the
consumer did not click the processed button , then they will receive the
unprocessed message during next login.
     If a message is sent to multiple consumers and some of the consumers
processed the message, the other consumers should receive the message during
next login.
     All of the above is very easy to implement by individual ack mode. 
However, I chose durable pub/sub mode because My message is possible to be
sent to multiple consumers, so P2P queue is not an option. But durable
pub/sub is not compatible with individual ack mode .  And there is no way I
could delete a message from a topic by TopicViewMbean interface.  So exactly
how could I implement my user requirements ? I couldn't come up with any
simple solution without modifying the code I've already written.  Looking
forward to help and thanks in advance.

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