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From dumlebert <>
Subject Deadlock when using XA and PFC
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 14:58:42 GMT
I have an issue that I've battled with for some time now and I'm running out
of ideas. We're using ActiveMQ from MuleESB. The flow in this case reads a
message from one queue, splits it into several messages and puts them on
another queue. All this is done within an XA transaction. The messages are
up to a few MB each.

When the producer (our flow) has put say 3/5 messages on the queue, it hangs
when trying to publish the 4th message. This gets into a deadlock, as the
consumer can't consume the messages until the producer commits, and the
producer is not allowed to publish the messages it needs to commit the XA

It's logical to think that PFC together with XA could create this kind of
situation, but I'm unable to verify that it actually is PFC that is stopping
the producer from publishing all messages. I've tried to:
 - disable PFC (verified by viewing the attributes through jmx)
 - set the sendFailIfNoSpace = "true"
 - increase the memoryUsage, storeUsage and tempUsage to high values

Nothing changes the behaviour.

If I cut the size of the messages to be produced by limiting the amount of
data they include, all messages a published and the XA commits just fine. So
the hangup does seem to be related to size.

But then, why is the problem the same when disabling PFC. I must be missing
something here...

I want to be dead certain on exactly what is the problem that cause the send
to queue to hang. I'm really thankful for any ideas on how I can figure out
what is going on. 

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