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From Andy May <>
Subject Re: Need help - Messages lost when using failover network connection with failback
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2013 09:44:12 GMT
I've tried the masterslave discovery agent on broker amq3 & the failover from
master (amq1) to slave (amq2) works.
However, masterslave doesn't seem to support priorityBackup=true & so the
broker doesn't fail-back from slave to master when the master comes back

My original issue is that I'm trying to implement fail-back & messages are
being lost after fail-back (failover works OK).
- Broker amq3 priority-connects to amq1 (which bridges to amq2)  
    -> All messages delivered OK.  (message route = 3->1->2)
- When broker amq1 is shutdown, broker amq3 fails-over to connect to amq2 
    -> All messages delivered OK (message route = 3->2)
- When broker amq1 is restarted, broker amq3 detects this & fails-back to
connect to amq1 instead of amq2
    -> The amq1 broker doesn't seem to realise that this is a network
connection & so drops messages with duplicate producer-sequences even if
producerID is different. (message route = 3->1->2)

I'll update JIRA with my findings.

My understanding of masterslave was that it was just a convenience wrapper
--- does it do anything more than this under-the-hood?

ceposta wrote
> Looked briefly at your configs...
> Can you try this... for the brokers that have 2+, you can use the
> masterslave: discovery agent on your network connector... check out more
> details here:
> For the NC that has single URI connectons, add this to the failover
> URI: ?&maxReconnectAttempts=0
> If that doesn't help, update the JIRA with this info and we can take a
> look..

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