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From Andy May <>
Subject Need help - Messages lost when using failover network connection with failback
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 11:56:10 GMT
I'm using a network of brokers & am trying to get a fail-back network
connection working (using priorityBackup=true on the connector)

I'm finding that the broker does failover & failback correctly but that the
remote broker doesn't seem to recognise that the re-established connection
is a network connection. Because of this, it rejects messages because of
duplicate producer-sequences (even though the producerID is different).

I've logged the issue on JIRA (
<>  ) & have attached a
test-script + config-files + log-files there.

/Does anyone know of any configuration changes that I could make to avoid
this problem?
(Or can anyone recommend a different configuration that would meet my
needs?) /

Details of why I'm trying this configuration:

Use case:

1 central site.
Multiple branches, each with a single branch server and multiple user PCs.
Each branch only has 1 internet connection that is shared by branch server &
Branch server is typically unreliable hardware & may go offline without
Resilience to network loss is important & so each PC & server has its own
Both branch server & PCs need to be able to communicate with the centre

To reduce the number of connections into the centre, we would like a tree
topology with the branch server concentrating all branch PC messages &
forwarding them to the centre.
But, PCs generate a data feed that we want to be able to access at centre,
even when the branch server is offline.

Proposed configuration:

Use a failover network connection on branch PCs & configure the connection
to prioritise a connection to the branch server, but open a direct
connection to the centre if the branch server is unavailable.

Details of configuration

Using ActiveMQ 5.8.0 binary download.
Only changes are to logging settings & to the configuration file.

3 brokers ("amq1", "amq2", "amq3"), all brokers running on localhost.
Each uses their own config file (amq1.xml, amq2.xml, amq3.xml)

Broker amq1 has a failover duplex connection to amq2.
Broker amq3 has a duplex failover connection to both amq1 + amq2, it is
configured to always try to connect to amq1 first ("randomize=false") and to
fail-back to amq1 if it comes back online ("priorityBackup=true")

Consumer connects to broker amq1
Producer connects to broker amq3

Test-harness sender application creates a new session each time it is run &
sends a set of messages.
The sending session is not transacted & is set to auto-acknowledge.
Messages are sent with persistent delivery mode.

Config files

amq1.xml <>  
amq2.xml <>  
amq3.xml <>  

Test script


Log files from test

amq1.log <>  
amq2.log <>  
amq3.log <>  

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