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From Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <>
Subject Weird behavior
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 19:38:22 GMT

I'm using Apache ActiveMQ 5.8.0
I'm having a weird behavior ,
I would like any help .

I explain it:

I've got a web application ( a.k.a. WAR ) that send a text message to
a topic by using jmsTemplate
I made a testing consumer ( a  Spring's
DefaultMessageListenerContainer object )  ,  listening for these

ActiveMQ server is installed on remote machine ( Linux CentOS + JDK 7 )


1)  if I deploy my WAR into my local Tomcat 6 ( Windows 7 JDK6 ) and
my webapp sends a message, onMessage()'s consumer method is invoked.
All works fine

2) if I deploy WAR into Tomcat 6's remote machine ( same than ActiveMQ
server , ie CentOS  JDK 7 ) and my webapp sends  a message
,onMessage()'s consumer method IS NOT invoked.
But if i see webconsole,  message was enqueued and it was dequeued !!!
( I've got only one a consumer , I'm sure ).
But onMessage() method wasn't invoked.

Logs don't show any error/exception ; just onMessage() method in my
consumer wasn't invoked

I dont understand where the difference can be, because webconsole says
that message was dequeued ( I guess, it was read )

Any ideas ?
It doesn't seem a format message problem because is a text message

It doesn't seem a transport problem because the message is delivered
to ActiveMQ (  enqueued .And  it is read ( dequeued )

But my configuration is :

broker persistent="false"

<transportConnector name="openwire"

Thanks and regards

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