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From Moritz Bechler <>
Subject MessageListener in non-JEE JTA managed environment
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2013 16:02:15 GMT

I am currently working on a project which uses ActiveMQ with Atomikos
JTA and as far as I can tell the setup is working (
recieve()/commit|rollback works as expected). Still, I'm a bit confused
by the semantics of MessageListeners in this environment.

I would have assumed that the receive + onMessage would/could be run
inside a transaction which would allow coordinated rollback in case of
error but it seems that there is no possibility to have such a
transaction started. Also, there seems to be no way to rollback at all
if the session is in managed transaction mode.

Is this the intended behavior? Do I really need to use custom polling
code to achieve this (e.g. atomikos MessageDrivenContainer or spring's
MessageListenerContainer) or am I missing something? I'd prefer to stick
with the JMS APIs.


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