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From SledgeHammer <>
Subject Can you explain how this part works?
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2013 18:16:31 GMT
So my set up is that each producer creates 2 queues (send queue and recv
queue). When a consumer connects, it listens to the advisory queue and
attaches to all the send queues. So for example, a consumer may be watching
10 send queues.

The main work loop is:

for (;;)
   foreach queue

The stuff with the mutex is because we are running 200 consumers on single
CPU VMs with another heavy process, so we kind of want to switch off between
that process and this consumer so they don't try to do work at the same time
and kill the machine.

Anyways... my question is... if we are monitoring the queue via the web
console, it seems like occasionally (kinda frequently) we get into a
situation where a msg shows pending, but it has actually been dispatched to
a consumer...

What I'm getting at, is if the ReceiveNoWait() is pulling a message, why is
it still showing as pending in the web console?

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