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From Oleg Dulin <>
Subject Odd network of broker behavior with 5.8
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2013 16:26:21 GMT
I have two brokers set up on two servers. One is, the other 
is .

One of them has this in its config file:

                         <networkConnector name="2.1"
duplex="true" />

I have clients connecting to these two brokers using "failover" schema, 
i.e. failover:(tcp://,tcp://

The clients start and end through out the day. They are desktop 
applications for the most part.

What we are observing is very odd behavior with (we think 
that's the one). What seems to happen is that after awhile it either 
stops accepting client connections, stops handlings the queues and 
topics. No exceptions are thrown, nothing out of ordinary, it just 
simply hangs in there when someone tries to establish a connection, and 
when publishing messages it accepts them but doesn't forward them to 

I switched the setup temporarily to a single message broker. That 
alleviated the symptoms.

However, I need to move this back to a 2-broker setup ASAP.

Am I doing something wrong ? Would be better off using two connections 
as opposed to duplex ?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Oleg Dulin

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