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From Michal Gubik <>
Subject condui subscriptions set to false on network of brokers but no DUPLICATE?
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 10:56:49 GMT

I am working on activemq network of brokers enviroment that was not setup by
me I started revision of the config and found:

network connectors used are:

                <networkConnector conduitSubscriptions="false"
dynamicOnly="true" name="${}" prefetchSize="1"
                <networkConnector conduitSubscriptions="false"
dynamicOnly="true" name="${}" prefetchSize="1"
There is no separate connection for queues and topics and there are three
brokers on the network. I tought this would result in duplicate messages!
but it does not.... In reality when I have twenty consumers on broker A and
one producer to same topic on broker B and I produce a message I can see
that 20 messages were dequeued from B. On broker A I see 20 messages enqued
but only 20 messages dequed /I tought this would be 20x20 as broker A would
send all 20 messages to all twenty consumers?/ and I do not get any
duplicates on the consumers???? Selectors are used so I am sure conduit is
turned off so how come duplicates do not occur? Applications use selectors
so they would have to be remodeled in order to enable conduit subscriptions
but now I do not have reason for argument with developers as they tell me
everything is fine, but I know it is not and overhead of sending 20 extra
messages is not sufficient. Could you please advise if the issue with
duplicate messages on topics without conduit was fixed prior to 5.6 or what
is going on?

Active mq version used is 5.6.0 

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