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From pkorwar <>
Subject Re: Messages stuck in pending state in queue
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2013 23:19:25 GMT
I think I know the problem for the pending messages. I will confirm in 2 days
since I need to more time to test before I can exactly tell that this was
the problem.
Somebody else should test this, and try to reproduce it. 

Here is the scenario.

I have 2 types of jms clients. One client resides in code deployed in war
file on jetty server.
It collects some data from some other data source every 'x' secs. If there
a threshold exceeded on some value of a field, it sends a JMS message to the
to raise an alarm. So, since the code is deployed in a war file,
was created once and used later to create connection, session etc.

There is another client of JMS which was called from a script. The script
called a simple
java client which created a JMS message and sent it to a jms queue. Since
this does not
reside on any webserver/appserver, the QueueConnectionFactory was created
every time
the script was invoked. This in my opinion caused the problem since it was
creating the ActiveMQConnectionFactory, a huge object.

Solution: I moved the jms sender code to war file deployed on jetty server.
I implemented
a web service which would send the jms message to the queue. The script
which calls the
java program now became a web service client which send the jms message. So,
since the
code sits on jetty, the ActiveMQConnectionFactory is initialized once and
used over and over 
again to create sessions etc.

I have tested it for over a couple of hours, and have sent more than 100
messages from the
2 clients together, and I have not seen a pending message yet. 

I am hoping that  this was the problem!

Thanks for all your help.


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