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From Argeric <>
Subject how to run activemq source in myeclipse?
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 05:49:01 GMT
           i have imported the source code in myeclipse,and i want debug
activemq when i run my program which used activemq . i runs the
class:org.apache.activemq.console.Main, and

           Porgram arguments
-Dactivemq.classpath="E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/conf"
-Dactivemq.home="E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/"
-Dactivemq.base="E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/"
-Dactivemq.conf="E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/conf""E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/data" -"E:/Program Files/ssg/amq_s_5.8.0/data/tmp"

          VM arguments are:-Xms1G -Xmx1G

but actimemq cannot start ,and the myeclipse console shows some log as

Java Runtime: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_03 C:\Program
  Heap sizes: current=1040512k  free=1039221k  max=1040512k
    JVM args: -Xms1G -Xmx1G
Extensions classpath:
ACTIVEMQ_CONF: ..\.\conf
ACTIVEMQ_DATA: ..\.\data
Usage: Main [--extdir <dir>] [task] [task-options] [task data]

    browse                   - Display selected messages in a specified
    bstat                    - Performs a predefined query that displays
useful statistics regarding the specified broker
    create                   - Creates a runnable broker instance in the
specified path.
    decrypt                  - Decrypts given text
    encrypt                  - Encrypts given text
    export                   - Exports a stopped brokers data files to an
archive file
    list                     - Lists all available brokers in the specified
JMX context
    purge                    - Delete selected destination's messages that
matches the message selector
    query                    - Display selected broker component's
attributes and statistics.
    start                    - Creates and starts a broker using a
configuration file, or a broker URI.
    stop                     - Stops a running broker specified by the
broker name.

Task Options (Options specific to each task):
    --extdir <dir>  - Add the jar files in the directory to the classpath.
    --version       - Display the version information.
    -h,-?,--help    - Display this help information. To display task
specific help, use Main [task] -h,-?,--help

Task Data:
    - Information needed by each specific task.

JMX system property options:
    -Dactivemq.jmx.url=<jmx service uri> (default is:
    -Dactivemq.jmx.user=<user name>

so ,how to run activemq source in myeclipse?

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